Clark, C. M. H. A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA. Vols. I-VI, Complete. 6 vols., med. 8vo; [Volume] I, From the Earliest Times to the Age of Macquarie, 11th Impr., pp. [xiv], 422; 6 maps, 17 plates; 5 appendices, bibliog., index; [Volume] II, New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land 1822-1838, 6th Impr., pp. [xiv], 364, [6](blank); 3 maps, 17 plates, sources, index; [Volume] III, The Beginning of an Australian Civilization 1824-1851, 4th Impr., pp. xvi, 492(last blank); 9 maps, 17 plates, appendix, sources, index; [Volume] IV, The Earth Abideth For Ever 1851-1888, 4th Impr., pp. xvi, 428(last blank); 3 maps, 17 plates, index; [Volume] V, The People Make Laws 1888-1915, 3rd Impr., pp. xvi, 448; map, 17 plates, index; [Volume] VI, 'The Old Dead Tree and the Young Tree Green' 1916-1935 with an Epilogue, First Edition, pp. xvi, 522, [2](blank); 5 maps, 13 plates, index; original cloth; a very good set in slightly worn d/ws. (Carlton); Melbourne University Press; (1988-88-85-87-88-87). A complete set, fully collated, in the original issue dustwrappers. Now out-of-print in hardcover. [with]

Clark, C. M. H.; Editor. SELECT DOCUMENTS IN AUSTRALIAN HISTORY 1788-1850. With the Assistance of L. J. Pryor. [With] Idem, 1851-1900. 2 vols.; Vol. I, 5th Impr.; pp. xii, 450, [2](blank); Vol. II, 3rd Impr.; pp. xx, 866, [2](blank); appendix to Vol. I, note on sources, index to each vol.; original cloth; a very good set in worn d/ws. (Sydney); Angus & Robertson, Publishers; (1965). Including much on transportation, early settlement, and the politics behind. [with]

Clark, [C. M. H.]. SOURCES OF AUSTRALIAN HISTORY. Selected and Edited by M. Clark. Pott 8vo, 9th Impr.; pp. xii, 628(last 5 blank); original cloth; (small red crosses in top corner throughout, but a very good copy). London; Oxford University Press; (1971). [with]

Clark, [C. M. H.]. A SHORT HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA. Illustrated Edition. [By] Manning Clark. Impl. 8vo, First Edition (in this form); pp. 260; numerous illusts., index; original slick pictorial papered boards; a fine copy. (Ringwood; Penguin Books Australia; 2001). [with]

Clark, [C. M. H.]. MANNING CLARK'S HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA. Abridged by Michael Cathcart. Med. 8vo, First Edition (in this form); pp. [ii], xvi, 572, [2](blank); 5 maps, index; original papered boards; a fine copy in d/w. (Melbourne); Melbourne University Press; 1993.

Together, 5 works in 11 volumes. Melbourne, Sydney & London; Melbourne University Press, Oxford University Press, Angus & Robertson and Penguin Books; 1965-2001. #67736

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