Eureka Riots: 1854. Victoria. DISTURBANCES AT BALLAARAT. Ordered by the council to be printed, 5th December, 1854. F'cap folio; pp. 6(last blank). [Melbourne; John Ferres, Government Printer]; 1854. ***Copies of Correspondence detailing the circumstances of the Eureka Riots and reply from the Colonial Secretary's Office conveying approval of the conduct of the Civil and Military Authorities (this signed by John Foster). [with]

1854-5. Victoria. RESIGNATION OF JOHN L. FOSTER, ESQ. Return to Address. - Mr. Snodgrass, 21st March, 1855. F'cap folio, pp. [2](verso blank). Melbourne; John Ferres, Government Printer; 1855.
***Containing the text of Foster's letter of resignation and claim for compensation. [with]

1854-5. Victoria. COPIES OF CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING AMERICAN CITIZENS Who were supposed to have participated in the late riots at Ballaarat. F'cap folio; pp. [2]. [Melbourne; John Ferres, Government Printer]; 1855. #67517

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