[Chambers, Robert]. EXPLANATIONS: A Sequel to "Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation." By the Author of that Work. Second Edition. London: John Churchill, Princes Street, Soho. M CCC XLVI. Post 8vo, Second Edition; pp. viii, 206(last blank), 10(adv.); original cloth (marked); uncut; (name stamp on title-page; a few leaves mildly stained); a very good copy; rare. London; John Churchill; [1846].
***Chambers had planned to respond to criticisms of his work by publishing a series of letters to the 'Times' followed by a pamphlet of a hundred or so pages, however Churchill convinced the anonymous author (through his friend Alexander Ireland) that it should be issued in book form, printed and bound similarly to the original. This was duly issued in 1845, and was followed by this slightly altered version in 1846. By then the fifth edition of 'Vestiges' was ready and the two works were often reviewed together, the publisher going so far as to suggest a combined volume, however his anonymous author pointed out that the arguments were already incorporated in the new edition. #66864

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