Darwin, Charles. THE DESCENT OF MAN, and Selection in Relation to Sex. By Charles Darwin, M.A., F.R.S., &c. In two volumes.--Vol. I [II]. With Illustrations. Seventh Thousand. 2 vols., cr. 8vo, First Edition, Third Issue; Vol. I, pp. viii, 424, 16(adverts. dated January, 1871); 25 text illustrations; Vol. II, pp. viii, 476, 16(adverts. dated January, 1871); 51 text illustrations, extensive index; uncut; recased in the original green cloth with new endpapers; (cloth to Volume II considerably marked; some very minor internal soiling at start of Volume I; otherwise a very good set); rare. London; John Murray; 1871.
***Freeman 939. As Freeman notes: the word 'evolution' occurs, for the first time in any of Darwin's works, on Page 2 of the first volume of the first edition, before its appearance in the sixth edition of the 'Origin' in the following year. #66517

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