Foote, Peter; Editor. OLAUS MAGNUS. Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus, Romae 1555. Description of the Northern Peoples, Rome 1555. Translated by Peter Fisher and Humphrey Higgens. With Annotation derived from the Commentary by John Granlund, abridged and augmented. 3 vols., First Edition; Vol. I, pp. xcvi, 288; full-page map, bibliography, 2 full-page tables, notes; Vol. II, pp. vi, 289-770; Vol. III, pp. vi, 771-1252(last 4 blank); numerous chapter title vignettes from original woodcuts throughout, notes, 3 indices (persons, places & peoples, authors), additions, corrections; original cloth; a fine set in dustwrappers. London; The Hakluyt Society; 1996-98-98.
***Hakluyt Society Second Series, Volumes 182, 187, 188. #64058

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