Darwin, Charles. THE DESCENT OF MAN and Selection in Relation to Sex. With a Preface by Ashley Montagu and Drawings by Fritz Kredel. The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written. Collector's Edition bound in genuine leather. Post 4to; pp. [iv], xx, 362; coloured frontispiece, numerous text illustrations, supplemental note, extensive index; original full black leather, gilt; all edges gilt, watered silk endpapers & silk ribbon; (the gilt on rear board a little dull, otherwise a fine copy). Norwalk, Connecticut; The Easton Press; (1979).
***A re-issue of Freeman 1044. This, a re-issue of the trade version of the Limited Editions Club edition of 1971 with the addition of the coloured frontispiece, is taken from the revised and supplemented edition of 1877 omitting Chapters Nine to Sixteen [concerning sexual selection in "lower" animals]; a note on the reasons why is supplied by Ashley Montagu. #60121

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