Darwin, Charles. THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life and THE DESCENT OF MAN and Selection in Relation to Sex. Thick post 8vo, First Edition in this form; pp. xvi, 386, [2], 389-924, [925]-1000(indexes); 1 diagram in "Origin" & 78 figures in "Descent", Supplemental Note on Sexual Selection in Relation to Monkeys (Reprinted from Nature, November 2, 1876), glossary, index to each work; original cloth; a very good copy in worn dustwrapper. New York; The Modern Library; N.D. [1936].
***Modern Library Giant G27. Freeman 554. Includes the Historical Sketch of the Sixth Edition of the Origin, from which this text is taken. The 'Descent' is taken from the Second Edition. An excellent, portable, reading edition, with good legible type. #60118

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