[Bradlow, Frank]. THOMAS BAINES: THE FRONTIER WARS 1851-1853. An art. leather folder, so titled, containing six limited edition coloured prints, reproducing scenes from the so-called Eighth Frontier War painted by Thomas Baines. Each print, in landscape format, measures 375 by 260 mm approx., plus captions and margins to 485 by 355 mm approx. Each print is accompanied by a similar-sized leaf of descriptive text (but this is missing from one of the prints). Four of the prints are present in multiple copies and all are in fine condition except for minor foxing to one of the duplicates and a tiny marginal cut to another duplicate. The paintings are finely reproduced and the edition was limited to 500 numbered copies. Most of the prints are unnumbered, but a few are numbered in pencil. Oblong folio; original art. leather, gilt. [Cape Town]; The Heritage Collection; 1976.
***The prints were apparently produced to accompany a book of the same title by Frank Bradlow, but we have been unable to trace a record of either book or prints offered for sale. Whether there were more prints than six in the edition is unknown to us. The prints offered are as follows:

The Rifle Brigade Landing at Algoa Bay 1852 [without text] (3 copies); River crossing by the Rifle Brigade 1852; Bloemfontein 1851; Lt. Gen. Cathcart's Forces Crossing the Orange River 1852 (3 copies); The 74th and 12th Regiments Coming Out of the Water Kloof (3 copies); The Graaf-Reinet Hottentot Levies in the Amatolas (5 copies). #58407

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