[Appleton, Richard; General Editor]. THE AUSTRALIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA. 6 vols., cr. 4to, "3rd Edition", revised; Vol. I, pp. xxii, 506; Vol. II, pp. [iv], 460; Vol. III, pp. [iv], 524; Vol. IV, pp. [iv], 524; Vol. V, pp. [iv], 476; Vol. VI, pp. [iv], 520, [4](blank); several full-page coloured illustrations (including maps), very numerous b/w. maps (some full-page), over 300 b/w. illustrations, list of contributors; original imitation leather, gilt; (slight smudging of type to a couple of leaves in Vol. 2, otherwise a very good, clean & sound set). Sydney; The Grolier Society of Australia; (1979, Vols. III-VI reprinted 1981).
***The Australian Encyclopaedia was first published in 1925 in two volumes; a second edition in ten volumes was published in 1958 and was reprinted with minor alterations five times up to 1972. This third edition was first printed in 1977, revised in 1979 under the general editorship of Richard Appleton. #47200

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