Busby, James. A TREATISE ON THE CULTURE OF THE VINE, and the Art of Making Wine; compiled from the Works of Chaptal, and other French Writers; and from the Notes of the Compiler, during a Residence in some of the Wine Provinces of France. By James Busby. Australia: Printed by R. Howe, Government Printer. 1825. Pp. xxxiv, 270, [4](Errata, last 3 blank); folding table. [and]

JOURNAL OF A TOUR through some of the vineyards of Spain and France. By James Busby, Esq. Sydney: Printed by Stephens and Stokes, King-Street. 1833. Pp. iv, 140, [2](blank); appendix, index. [and]

A MANUAL OF PLAIN DIRECTIONS FOR PLANTING AND CULTIVATING VINEYARDS, and for Making Wine, in New South Wales. Pp. 100(last blank); 8 figs., index.

Together, 3 vols., Facsimile Editions; a fine set in original buckram. (N.S.W.; David Ell Press; 1979).
***Reprints of Busby's three books on Australian wine and viticulture. They were the first three books on Australian wine, and the first three books on wine published in Australia (1825, 1830, & 1833). All of the originals are rare or very rare. #3753

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