[Conder, James Bryance (Bryant?). UNDER CANVAS]. Folio; pp. [ii], 194(last blank) plus unused blanks to Page 232 at end; wire-bound notebook; in very good condition. No Place; Unpublished (?); written c. 1889.
***An account of a voyage in the barque "Ellora" together with some other anecdotes including of the ship "Spindrift", preceded by an original poem by Conder (the two pages at start). Apparently an unpublished manuscript, here transcribed in several different but highly legible hands, evidently from the original then in the possession of the author's grand-daughter, Betty Cromb, probably in preparation for publication, with some occasional marginal notes or corrections, together with a copied photograph of the Author, "Yours always, Jim", and an issue of 'Wave, Newsletter of the Barque "Polly Woodside" Volunteers Association' containing two pages of text and two pictures of the "Ellora". The Author joined the "Ellora" at Port Melbourne in October 1889 and the bulk of the manuscript comprises an account of the daily doings of the ship and the experiences of the crew and the Author's experiences ashore in England. The narrative is written in an easy style and relates several incidents including the deaths of some of the crew (from eating rat poison) and of the Skipper. Concluding at Page 153, the "Ellora" narrative is followed by some anecdotes and stories of other ships and seafaring life, also by Conder. The Author later joined the Victorian Navy. #30664

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