[Chisholm, Alec H.; Editor-in-Chief]. THE AUSTRALIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA. In Ten Volumes, with a Supplement giving 1961 Census Information in Vol. 10. 10 vols., cr. 4to (in 28-page sections), Second Edition, Second Issue; pp. in total 5,156; several full-page coloured plates (including coloured maps), numerous b/w. maps (some full-page), over 300 b/w. plates, very numerous other text illustrations, list of contributors, comprehensive index; original cloth; a nice set. Sydney; Grolier Society of Australia; (1962).
***The Australian Encyclopaedia was first published in two volumes in 1925-26 and in this ten-volume form by Angus and Robertson in 1958. With an example of the 20-page prospectus to the 1958 issue loosely inserted. #28297

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