[de Brosses, Charles]. HISTOIRE DES NAVIGATIONS AUX TERRES AUSTRALES. Contenant ce que l'on scait des moeures & des productions des Contrees decouvertes jusqu'a ce jour; & ou il est traite de l'utilite d'y faire de plus amples decouvertes, & des moyens d'y former un etablissement. 2 vols., 4to, Facsimile Edition; Vol. I, pp. [iv], [ii], xiv, 436, 437*-450*, 437-464, 4(Errata), [2](blank); 4 folding charts by Robert de Vaugondy; Vol. II, pp. [ii], [ii], 514, 2(Errata); 3 folding charts by Robert de Vaugondy; a fine copy. Amsterdam; N. Israel; 1967.
***Bibliotheca Australiana Nos. 1-2. First published at Paris in 1756. The work, published anonymously, is the first collection of voyages devoted entirely to the Australian and Pacific area. It forms the basis for most of the succeeding collections, including those of Callander, Pinkerton, and to a considerable extent, Dalrymple and Burney. The collection includes accounts of the voyages of Vespucci, Magellan, Drake, Sarmiento, Cavendish, van Noort, Spilbergen, Le Maire and Schouten, Narborough, Dampier, Lozier Bouvet, Anson, de Gonneville, Saavedra, de Quiros, Pelsaert, Tasman, Roggewein, Hertog, de Wit, Jacques l'Hermite - and numerous others - to the coasts of Australia and Tasmania, New Zealand and New Guinea, and the various islands of the Pacific Ocean. Of the seven folding charts by de Vaugondy, two show the entire Australian continent (with a conjectural eastern coastline), and a third shows Northern Australia and New Guinea. De Brosses advocated in his work that France should colonise Australia, and proposed that the country could be settled by the criminals, foundlings and beggars of France. It is highly probable that this work inspired the proposals of Sir Joseph Banks and others for the colonisation of Australia by convict settlement. #2178

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