Galvano, Antonie. THE DISCOVERIES OF THE WORLD. London 1601. Facsimile Edition; pp. [iv], [xii], 98(last blank), [2](blank); original cloth; a fine copy. Amsterdam [and] New York; Da Capo Press, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd; 1969.
***The original title-page reads: The Discoveries of the World from their first originall unto the yeere of our Lord 1555. Briefly written in the Portugall tongue by Antonie Galvano, Gouernour of Ternate, the chiefe Island of the Maluces: Corrected, quoted, and now published in English by Richard Hakluyt, sometimes student of Christchurch in Oxford. Londini, Impensis G. Bishop. 1601. #19616

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