Erskine, John Elphinstone; Capt. R.N. JOURNAL OF A CRUISE AMONG THE ISLANDS OF THE WESTERN PACIFIC, including the Feejees and others inhabited by the Polynesian Negro Races, in Her Majesty's Ship Havannah. With Maps and Plates. First Edition; pp. viii, 488, 32(adv.); large folding chart by Captain Erskine (a tear repaired), 4 fine coloured litho. plates by Day & Son, 3 b/w. plates, 11 text engravings, 3 appendices, Errata slip; old half calf, with cloth sides (rubbed); a very good copy; very scarce. London; John Murray; 1853.
***Ferguson 9463. The appendix includes the narrative of JOHN JACKSON and of his residence in the Feejees. JACKSON'S narrative occupies 77 pages, and recounts his varied and perilous adventures amongst cannibal peoples for several years from 1840. After his rescue and subsequent service in the Havannah he was discharged at Sydney in 1850. #1632

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