Cooke, Capt. Edward. A VOYAGE TO THE SOUTH SEA, and Round the World, Perform'd in the Years 1708, 1709, 1710, and 1711, by the Ships Duke and Dutchess of Bristol. Containing a Journal of all memorable Transactions during the said Voyage; the Winds, Currents, and Variation of the Compass; the taking of the Towns of Puna and Guayaquil, and several Prizes, one of which a rich Acapulco Ship. A Description of the American Coasts, from Tierra del Fuego in the South, to California in the North, (from the Coasting-Pilot, a Spanish Manuscript). Wherein an Account is given of Mr. Alexander Selkirk, his Manner of living and taming some wild beasts during the four Years and four Months he liv'd upon the uninhabited Island of Juan Fernandes. Illustrated with Cuts and Maps. 2 vols., Facsimile Edition; Vol. I, pp. [ii], [xxii], 432, [433-442](index); 4 folding & 1 full-page charts & plans, 16 plates; Vol. II, pp. [ii], [viii], xxiv, 328, [8](index), [2](blank); 2 folding & 2 full-page charts, 2 plates, 5 full-page & numerous smaller charts & 300-400 coastal diagrams in text, 3 folding journal tables; 10-page table of longitudes, separate index to each vol.; original vinyl; a fine set. [Amsterdam; N. Israel; 1969].
***Bibliotheca Australiana Nos. 51-52. First published London, Printed by H. M. for B. Lintot [& others], 1712. #15301

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