Britton, Alexander & Bladen, F. M.; Editors. HISTORICAL RECORDS OF NEW SOUTH WALES. 7 vols. in 8, 8vo, Facsimile Edition; pp. in total nearly 6,700; 22 folding maps (9 col.), 1 full-page map, 19 folding plates (3 col.), 1 double-page & 28 full-page plates (9 col.), appendices, index to each vol.; original buckram; a fine set in very slightly worn d/ws. [with] Cook 1762-1780. Facsimiles of Charts, to accompany Vol. I, Part 1. 4to, pp. [vi]; 12 folding charts; original buckram; a fine copy. (Mona Vale; Lansdown Slattery & Company; 1978-80).
***See Ferguson 10445d for the original edition: Sydney, Charles Potter, Government Printer, 1893-96 [Vols. I-IV] & William Applegate Gullick, Government Printer, 1897-1901 [Vols. V-VII]. The first volume (Vol. I, Pt. 1) was edited by Britton, the remainder by Bladen. The facsimile edition of the charts was printed in 1980 but never published owing to a dispute between the printer and publisher, but a copy is included with this set. This set is fully collated and complete; a number of facsimile documents present in the original edition but which are fully transcribed in the text were not reproduced in this facsimile. Comprising:

Vol. I, Part 1. - Cook. 1762-1780. Pp. [ii], xliv, 526; portrait frontis., 7 plates (incl. 3 folding facsimiles of entries in the Endeavour log), 5 appendices, index; plus 4to volume, pp. [vi]; 12 folding charts. This first volume and accompanying charts contains much useful first-hand background information concerning Cook's discovery of the eastern coast of Australia including extracts from the journals of several of the personnel on board H.M.S. Endeavour and including also documents relating to the second and third voyages.

Vol. I, Part 2. - Phillip. 1783-1792. Pp. [ii], xxxiv, 748, [2](blank); 3 plates, 4 appendices, index. Including the establishment and despatch of the First Fleet, foundation of the settlement, establishment of the penal colony at Norfolk Island, etc., etc., also much information on the Bounty mutiny and the subsequent voyage of Bligh and the loyal members of the crew in the Bounty's launch.

Vol. II. - Grose and Paterson. 1793-1795. Pp. [ii], xxviii, 936; 4 plates (incl. 2 folding col. plans & 2 facsimiles), 6 appendices, index. Containing important original material on this period in the colony's history with much on Norfolk Island including Lieut. (later Governor) King's journal, letters and journals of Mrs. Elizabeth Macarthur and papers relating to the Scottish Martyrs.

Vol. III. - Hunter. 1796-1799. Pp. [ii], xxxviii, 856, [2](blank); 4 col. folding maps, 3 appendices, index. A complete record of the difficulties of the infant settlement, the shipwreck of the Sydney Cove and also much interesting original material on early inland and coastal exploration including Bass's journal of the whaleboat voyage and the circumnavigation of Tasmania by Flinders & Bass.

Vol. IV. - Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. Pp. [ii], xlvi, 1066, [4](blank); col. folding map, 3 folding & 1 full-page facsimile documents, index. Mostly relating to the period under Governor King when the struggling colony significantly improved under his control. There are also important records of early coastal and inland exploration, including Flinders' circumnavigation, the Baudin papers, Grant's voyage in the Lady Nelson, and the abortive settlement of Port Phillip.

Vol. V. - King. 1803, 1804, 1805. Pp. [ii], xvi, [ii], [xvii]-lxviii, 866, [2](blank); 9 folding maps, 3 col. & 8 b/w. plates (incl. 4 folding), 2 appendices, index. Original documents from the major part of King's term as Governor of New South Wales during which the colony was rapidly emerging from dependence on Great Britain and beginning to establish industries including sheep, coal-mining and whaling.

Vol. VI. - King and Bligh. 1806, 1807, 1808. Pp. [ii], lxxvi, 876(last blank); 4 folding maps, 5 col. & 15 b/w. plates (incl. 4 folding), appendices, index. This volume covers the early period of Bligh's Governorship and his attempts to abolish the rum trade, his dispute with Macarthur and the events leading to his arrest by Major Johnston. All possible original sources of information on this infamous period in Australia's history have been included.

Vol. VII. - Bligh and Macquarie. 1809, 1810, 1811. Pp. [ii], lx, 690; folding map, 5 col. plates (4 folding) & 1 b/w. plate, index. Concerning the period after Bligh's arrest under the administration of Paterson, with the text of many very interesting letters and other documents reproduced; and the subsequent Governorship of Macquarie. #140

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